Periodontal Maintenance

The goal of periodontal maintenance is to prevent the recurrence of periodontal disease and to maintain the optimal level of oral health. The maintenance phase has long been established as the foundation of successful periodontal therapy.

What can you expect during your maintenance appointment?

  • An update of your medical and dental health history. Special interest is given to any oral health issues that may become established from a systemic medical condition.
  • A thorough oral and facial examination is completed.
  • A complete periodontal examination. At these appointments, your pocket depths will be checked to make sure they are healthy. In addition, a review of your current radiographs (X-rays) will be completed to detect any areas of bone loss, decay, or irregularities.
  • Oral hygiene review. A thorough overview of your oral homecare routine to identify areas of the mouth that are overlooked, and possible changes in your technique, will be discussed. Special oral hygiene aids that can help you achieve optimal oral health will be recommended.
  • Periodontal maintenance (periodontal cleanings), including scaling, root planing, and polishing, and any other procedures, will occur, depending on your clinical indications. Plaque and calculus (tarter) that are present will be treated and removed above and below the gum line.

Current dental research indicates that maintenance therapy, in conjunction with proper home care, is a key factor in treatment success and maintenance of dental health.