Ridge Preservation

To expect predictable long-term success for dental implants, both functionally and aesthetically, a sufficient amount of healthy jawbone should be available at the potential implant site.

At times, the bone that holds the teeth in place (the socket) may be damaged by periodontal disease and/or infection, which results in shrinkage of bone. This shrinkage of the bone can be prevented and repaired by a procedure called ridge preservation to promote growth and thicken the bone.

The procedure involves placement of bone graft material around the jawbone where the dental implant is to be placed. A biocompatible barrier membrane over the bone graft is included to secure the graft in place.

The gum tissue is then closed over the bone graft and barrier membrane. The bone graft and membrane actually signal your body to regenerate lost bone and tissue, through a process called Guided Bone Regeneration.

Following the ridge-preservation procedure, Dr. Goyal will also see you for post-operative and follow-up visits to determine when the newly regenerated bone is mature (hard) enough to allow placement of an implant.

Temporary restorations can be provided during this healing period to maximize aesthetics, comfort, and function.